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The Free ‘VR’ Marketplace. C2M, (Consumer 2 Manufacturer) and Marketplace Cooperative. Unlike other ecommerce and social media platforms, we do not practice idolatry. Unlike other platforms who strategy it is to keep consumers and business unsuccessful. Imagine a casino who set their machines up om favor of their gamblers. Its exactly the same, limited success but Facebook do not want you to be too successful. They may loose their loyal client who provides all their free content plus they definitely do not want to see you competing with them. Our purpose is to serve and empower our members (shareholders). That sound just like those other platform? The difference is our members (shareholders) are our consumers and vendors.

We are turning this system on its head. We empower Consumers and SME’s to buy in ‘Economic Empowerment’ Teams! When you like an item, share it with other purchasers and watch in real time as the price gets reduced.

Small and Medium size business you can legally become shareholders of MKTCP, The Marketplace Coop. It is free but legally you are now many thousand strong. From purchasing a new vehicle to foodstuffs you pay much less just like sourcing products and services for any large company you benifit from economies of scale. If purchasing one mini-bus taxi imagine what type of discount Anglo American gets as the dealer knows hundreds of vehicles will be purchased from them and there is nothing more than guaranteed business from a large organization. It also provides a power base when you need repairs, services or to replace parts. Apply for your MKTCP, The Marketplace Coop. application forms and overnight you become part of what will soon be the largest consumer organization on the planet.

Mvrketplace, C2M, is a ‘Consumer 2 Manufacturer’ discount platform. If you fancy it just ‘share’ the item, the more interest (orders) the less you pay!

Why is there so much inequality in South Africa?

South Africa is the most economically unequal country in the world, according to the World Bank. The difference between wealthy and poor in South Africa has been increasing steadily since the end of apartheid in 1994, and this inequality is closely linked to your economic power base. C2M- (Consumer 2 Manufacturer)

We do not have confidence in SA current elected government. If anyone especially a ‘visitor’ without even holding SA citizenship can arrive and begin selling no name China brands from their vehicle that is entrepreneurship and the way all big business begun. But when within a few years this same individual commits crimes in my opinion much worse than robbing 1000 cash trucks at gunpoint. Use our democratically elected persons who have been trusted by millions to work on behalf of voters a civil servant in the sense of sacrifice by not seeking or selling drugs to survive We have seen strong socialist’s ideals like taking over power utilities are not in the scope of government, as why cut costs or save money when you cannot benifit economically, it also encourages corruption and placing those without the necessary experience and maturity in too powerful positions. Look at any country in the USA the biggest financial institutions not to mention big pharma energy etc. Those massive banks know that their relationship to the Political system often overlap in other words expose the bank the government may also be compromised. While those earning hundreds of millions of USD annually, get bonuses that would make your head spin while millions of ordinary citizens, hard working people loose everything so much so year except by corruption. Thus private enterprise and Free Markets may not be the best solution but its been proved over and over again that too much and at times

MKTCP, The Marketplace Coop.

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For more info email: 1@mvrketplace.org or 1@me2ads.com

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The ‘VR’ Marketplace. (Virtual Reality) http://www.mvrketplace.org

Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

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360˚ degree

We’re bringing your personal shopping experience to the comfort of your home! ‘Augmented & VR’


The whole project was inspired by the idea of e-commerce in a world with more advanced technology and faster network speeds. We find it increasingly hard to find time to visit our favorite stores. Thus we decided to bring those stores to us!

What it does

MVRKETPLACE is a virtual reality eCommerce multi-vendor marketplace. Turnkey (SaaS) Software as a service that allows its users to experience in-store shopping while in the comfort of their own home. The user would be able to browse the entire catalog of a store as well as try on outfits using an avatar catered to their own body shape and measurements.

How we built it

MVRKETPLACE was developed using Unity for the Samsung Gear VR. We also developed back-end code for the cart object using VS Code.

Challenges we ran into

Due to our unfamiliarity with Unity and VR programming, we encountered many obstacles in developing the application. There were also hardware compatibility issues such as a lack of VR support for certain phone models. This culminated in the inability to implement movement and object interaction.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

Even with the many obstacles, we were successful in creating a basic VR environment to serve as our demo. While we were unable to interact with the products, we still managed to convey the idea of what MVRKETPLACE could be.

What we learned

We learned how to use Unity to build a basic VR environment.

What’s next for MVRKETPLACE

MVRKETPLACE is no where near completion. We plan to incorporate user movement and interaction capabilities to realize the full experience of in-store shopping. MVRKETPLACE will expand to enable any department store or individuals the ability to sell their products and services to the global VR community.

  • The site will-still take up to 2 years. As it needs to function perfectly!
  • Secure your Username! http://capeunmart.com/my-company.
  • List and product or service.
  • Alexa enabled in-store assistant
  • Augmented and ‘VR’ factory outlet environment encompassing all available stores.

Built With

  • samsung-gear-vr
  • unity